314190_160922750716093_1094829561_nWho is Gregory Anderson

Gregory Anderson was born in chicago,ILL and Raised in Tamp,Fla
(Age) Gregory`s Reply; Im not that far from twenty five.
Gregory Anderson is an American Singer-Songwriter-Producer and (Minister) with years of professional experience.
Gregory has sung with many well known American Groups from the pass and Affiliations,here is a few.
1.The Crest 2.Kool and the Gang etc.
In those day`s Gregory was singing under a stage name (Rodney Joyner)
Gregory Also has an extensive experience performing in corporate parties,wedding,bar mitzvah,bat mitzvah through out
the country and abroad.


This song and Project was Developed for a Extraordinary Presidential Candidate (Donald J.Trump)
This song will be Available on cdbaby-itune and through out the internet as well as stores.
The Video (America) will be on all video Platforms and through
out Media outlets.

Radio and T.V.

Gregory Anderson has Experience as a Radio Host,He has Successfully Host a Gospel Radio Show Called
(Gospel Around The World)
on 97.5 fm streetz,he has worked with many Radio personnalies from kiss fm and wbls fm DJ Antoine qua.
With many Radio and T.V Appearances.

Collaborations & Record Deals,here is a few.

1.Kendel stubb and kool and the gang
(song called-Beam me up)
2.Maurice hines/Gregory Hines/Savon Glover
(song called-Rapping and Tapping)
3.Steve Kelly and Kendel Stubb
(song called-Who Cares what people Think)
4.Kendel Stubb-Album (Summer in the sand-Love and happiness.
5.Danny Laporte-Gospel Album- These are the last Day`s

Reigious Affilliation

Gregory Anderson is a Ordain Minister.
His belief`s and affiliation is Non-Denominational of the Christian Faith.
He Delivers the Word of God, Through Message and Song.